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Stephenson High School Drumline Competition 
November 13th Sponsorship 

We are the Stephenson Band Association, an organization whose sole purpose is to support and advance the aspirations of hundreds of children with a love for the arts and a passion for music.


The Stephenson High School Band supports the music programs of three richly diverse schools in the city of Stone Mountain, grades 6 through 12, all of which are classified as Title I schools. Our wonderfully talented young musicians come from all walks of life, represent many nations, and speak many languages. Our music program has made it possible for students to achieve over $500,000 in college scholarships over the last five years.

Our organization relies primarily on the amazing dedication of parent volunteers and independent sponsor donations.

Some of the wonderful things that our generous financial donors make possible include: Instruments for students who cannot afford them

Marching band uniforms, concert attire and maintenance. Scholarship assistance Meals and fees for competitions, exhibitions and festivals. Books and other musical supplies. Transportation to away games, off-campus events and competitions  Equipment truck repairs and fuel Supplemental instructor time Band camp costs, and so much more! 

For more information about the MBA and our band programs, please visit our website: 

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