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Hello Parents and Students,


          What a wonderful Winter Holiday Concert this past Friday night.  Thank You to all the parents, relatives, and supporters that filled the Stephenson HS Theater.  We are super proud of all of the students that performed wonderfully on Friday and we are only at the midpoint of the year.  The students performed a wide variety of music from multiple genres to include winter classics, foreign, tv theme, circus marches, and popular music. Each student has made their own individual musical progress.  It gets even better as our students continue their upward trajectory in their musical development.

            The Stephenson Band was also given the opportunity to perform in front of the world.  Representative students of the Stephenson “Sonic Sound” performed at the opening meeting of the Operation Hope Global Forum on Sunday evening in the Hyatt Regency-Atlanta. The forum was attended by over 5,200 delegates from 40 countries.  The Stephenson High School “Sonic Sound” Band performed excerpts from this year’s half-time show and stands routine.  We are grateful for the opportunities provided, by Stephenson Alumni, to expose the greatness of the current students.

            This weekend was also the GMEA District IV Honor Band/All-State Audition.  We had 46 of 58 students to take their audition this weekend.  Whether you made the second round cut off score or was selected for the District IV Honor Band, you all are much better musician by going through the complete training, preparation, and audition process.  For that we are extremely proud of each and every student.  There will be a few more students added to Dekalb Honor Band at a later time.  The Dekalb Honor Band will take place on January 12thand 13th at Dr. Martin L. King High School.  The GMEA District Honor Band will take place February 2nd and 3rd at Stephenson HS.  

 12/11 Monday - Percussion Drumline 3:45 -6:45pm

 -Wind Ensemble 3:45pm – 5:30pm

12/12 Tuesday  - Percussion Drumline 3:45 -6:45pm

 -Wind Ensemble 3:45pm – 5:30pm

12/13 Wednesday – Florida Memorial University “Marching Roar” visits SHS 2nd & 3rd Block

- Percussion Drumline 3:45 -6:45pm

 -Wind Ensemble 3:45pm – 5:30pm

12/14 Thursday - Percussion Drumline 3:30 -5:00pm – Rehearsal with Disney Stomp the Yard

                         - Percussion Drumline 5:00 -6:45pm- Beat Down Rehearsal

 -Wind Ensemble 3:45pm – 5:30pm

12/15  Friday - Percussion Drumline 3:45 -6:00pmPerc

12/16 – Celebration Bowl -Disney Stomp the Year Performance Call Time 7:30am

                        -Kick-off 12:00 noon

                        - The Beatdown Percussion Showcase 3pm

12/17  -Ray of Hope Christmas Cantata  Calltime 7:30am

Wind Ensemble – Full Concert Attire

Fees that everyone should stay aware of:


Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Parade and Festival $900 ( for all students.) Please follow the               payment schedule given at earlier parent meetings.

September,2023 $125
October,2023 $125
November,2023 $125
December,2023 $125
January,2024 $200
February,2024 $200
March- Trip Balance is at $0
April-“Big Trip Time”

Band Schedule is Here!!!!

This Weeks Performances:(3-4 performances)

December 16th- Celebration Bowl Jamboree - SWAC vs MEAC Championship Game 10:00am

                        -Game kicks off at 12noon

                        - The Beat Down Drummer Challenge – Southwest Dekalb High School - Time TBD

December 17th- Christmas Cantata with Ray of Hope -Wind Ensemble

Upcoming Events-

Dekalb County Honor Band January 13-14

UGA Janfest – January 18-20

GMEA District IV Honor Band -February 2nd -3rd 

GMEA LGPE- March  13-15, 20-22

Rhythm & “ Blew” 4.0  March 23, 2024

April 10th -14th - National Cherry Blossom Parade and Festival, Washington D.C. -

All Students have been assigned band lockers to keep their musical instruments, instrumental accessories, and music notebook.  Every student should have a combination(NOT KEYED) lock for their band locker.  Clothes, Shoes, Food and other class material should not be placed in the band lockers. 

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Thank You for your support as we continue:
Striving to Make the Best Students, "MASTER MUSICIANS"
Quentin R. Goins
Stephenson High School
Director of Bands

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