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Hello Seniors and Happy New Year,

You have reached the final semester of grade school and are now preparing for the next phase of your life.  We are going to enjoy this semester, but we must also finish the race strong and take care of business.  You will hear these 2 words often over the coming months, and likely to hear them used interchangeably.  However you should know that:

Graduation- the successful completion of a specified course of study.

Commencement- to begin something or start something new.

As a high school senior, you should already be in the process of preparing for graduation and commencement, to complete your course of study and to begin something new.  


You should have taken any necessary test needed and registered for retakes, if necessary.  Completed and submitted college applications, trade school applications, and/or military intent applications. For those seeking private scholarship dollars. SEEK and APPLY.  For those seeking music talent scholarships,  stay prepared as the audition season is upon us.  Contact your top schools of choice, read all of your mail thoroughly.  If you get a denial letter, do not stop reading after the first line.  You may only need one item to change your status. READ YOUR MAIL and EMAILS COMPLETELY for understanding.

Remember to check for scholarships that you qualify for faced on many different categories at:

Join Scholarships for Everyone- Georgia on Facebook at:


Sign up for virtual and in-person Scholarship Auditions:

Thank You for your support as we continue:
Striving to Make the Best Students, "MASTER MUSICIANS"
Quentin R. Goins
Stephenson High School
Director of Bands

Stephenson High School Band
PO Box 533
Stone Mountain, GA 30086

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